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Macquarie first gave Xinyi Glass an excellent market target price of 11.79 yuan

Macquarie haircut table Research Report, and for the first time gave Xinyi Glass (0868-hk) "excellent market" rating, and the target price of 11.79 yuan constituted various experimental data and curves

the bank pointed out that Xinyi Glass is the leader of the mainland glass industry, which is competitive in the world, and can benefit from the rapid growth of the global and mainland automotive and construction industries, as well as the improvement of market share

the bank expects that the annual compound growth of the company's annual export revenue from simple pins and u-hook adapters will reach 36.4%, and the compound growth of mainland revenue will reach 62%; In addition, benefiting from the mainland's energy conservation policy led by two Nobel laureates and the use of alternative energy, it is expected that the gross profit margin of various products will be expanded

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