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Overview of corrugated boxes (I)

overview of corrugated boxes

there are all kinds of different packaging and transportation in the world, and corrugated boxes can stand out because of their simplicity, lightness and versatility, which makes product transportation and sales easier. Today's corrugated box plays an important role in product marketing. Its brand-new image comes from the ordinary "paper suitcase". Please look at the multiple functions of corrugated boxes: the style, shape and design of cartons make the packaging of products full of vitality, and also make products more efficient in transportation and storage. Exaggerated patterns, eye-catching colors and unique shapes can attract attention, so as to achieve the effect of spreading and selling quickly. The carton is printed with information about the content, size, quantity, instructions for use and handling instructions of the product, so that your product can be transported to the destination intact and quickly. Corrugated paper products can be recycled and suitable for recycling after use

corrugated boxes are composed of wood fibers, which can be decomposed by natural action; And timber will not be exhausted under planned planting and cutting. Most of the discarded corrugated boxes can be recycled to create new paper materials, which is a great contribution to environmental protection

what is corrugated board

corrugated board is a multi-layer adhesive, which is at least composed of a layer of corrugated core paper interlayer (commonly known as "pit sheet" or "corrugated paper") and a layer of paperboard (commonly known as "cowhide card"). It has high mechanical strength and can withstand the collision and fall during handling

the actual performance of corrugated boxes depends on three factors: the characteristics of core paper and paperboard and the structure of the box itself

classification of corrugated paperboard

according to different combinations, corrugated paperboard can be divided into the following five types:

1) paperboard composed of a layer of core paper and kraft card is called "exposed corrugated paperboard". Corrugated cardboard is generally only used for bedding, spacing and wrapping irregular objects

2) the paperboard composed of a layer of core paper and two layers of kraft cards is called "single pit paperboard"

3) the two-layer core paper sandwiched in the three-layer Kraft card is called "double pit paperboard". Double pit paperboard can be composed of pit paper with different pit widths and different paper, such as "B" pit paper with "C" pit paper

4) the three-layer core paper sandwiched in the four-layer Kraft card is called "three pit paperboard"

5) super strong double body paperboard is developed from single pit paperboard, and its middle layer of core paper is made of two thick core papers overlapped and bonded

it is gratifying that today we can produce many different combinations of corrugated cardboard, which have different characteristics and strengths to meet the changing needs of the market

types of pit lines

corrugated board can be further subdivided according to the size of pit lines on the core paper, that is, its height and the number of pit lines in each unit of long filling. There are four kinds of core paper pit patterns. The following table shows the cardboard produced by Mitsubishi and Langston pit machines

cartons caused by thicker "a" pits have better top and bottom compressive strength than "B" and "C", but compared with "a" and "B" pits, thinner "B" pits have better pressure resistance. The "a" and "C" pits are used in the manufacture of cartons that are under pressure and need padding for packaging. "B" pit pattern is applicable to the manufacture of cartons with important capacity and space and less stacking strength. "E" pit pattern has the highest compression resistance, but its shock absorption ability is slightly poor. It is mainly used on offset (color printing) corrugated boxes carrying heavy objects

core paper material

the larger the pit diameter of corrugated board, the stronger its rigidity. The toughness of paperboard comes from the core paper layer without thick and hard filler. This will reduce the weight and cost of cardboard. The core paper can be made of semi chemical pulp (which can provide the best paper strength) and recycled paper. The latter is preferred by Hong Kong manufacturers because of its low cost. Although the paper strength is not as good as the former, it can be improved by adding starch to the paper mill

pit pattern occupies a certain space in corrugated paper, and its role is also very important. Let's have a good understanding of ABS, by which we can withstand flat pressure, side pressure and other irregular pressures

cowhide card

cowhide card forms the inner and outer layers of corrugated board, and its function can be structural and/or decorative. Each layer of kraft card provides a variety of characteristics for paperboard, which can be expanded through processing processes such as bonding and waxing

enlightenment of structural strength

if the strength of the carton does not meet the requirements, it is necessary to find out the symptoms of the problem. Don't take it for granted that all cartons must be thickened and hardened. You know, the cost of making this kind of "feeding" carton is high. Therefore, we should study the problem cartons and find the right remedy. The scope of inspection should be various, such as whether the cartons are damaged during transportation, whether the stacking method is improper, whether the loading is excessive, and whether the handling is appropriate for a single leaf flat open multi-function door jg/t 3054 ⑴ 999; Perhaps the problem can be traced back to the storage method of empty containers

when you take all measures to reduce losses, don't limit yourself to the narrow concept of "thickening and hardening". Remember, changing the shape of cartons often has the same effect! Make sure that you do have an excellent and capable carton supplier who can meet your individual needs and can give you technical guidance on cartons and related components at any time

corrugated boxes have three test pull-out strength categories:

· pit paper and kraft card test

· corrugated board test

· whole carton test

test items, base weight test, core paper flat compression test, ring compression test, core paper side compression test, kraft card side compression test, corrugated board flat compression test, corrugated board side compression test, rupture strength test, carton compression test, carton drop test

notice to purchasing managers: learn more about the industrial and transportation packaging design of corrugated boxes, so that you can know how to save money

choose the core paper and kraft card you need:

various combinations of core paper and kraft card can enable carton factories to produce carton products ranging from solid and cheap cartons to exquisite but expensive products, which can almost meet the packaging needs of commodities. Choosing different pit paperboard can achieve some special effects, such as compression resistant, shockproof, load-bearing, etc. Proper selection can also reduce material consumption and storage space

strive to standardize the production of large paper rolls for corrugated board. Every new combination of kraft card and core paper requires shutdown and replacement of new paper rolls, which leads to waste of machine space and production materials. In other words, helping the paper factory reduce the number of paper changes is like reducing its losses, thereby reducing your costs

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